History & Milestones


History & Milestones

Our history is marked by a longstanding tradition of successful entrepreneurship throughout the past century’s sometimes mild and sometimes rough economic climate.


The foundation stone of our industrial activities dates back to E. Looser & Co. established in 1928 which subsequently developed into a leading manufacturer of furnace installations in Europe under the name of ELCO Looser Holding AG.  The operation also comprised FLH Holding AG which held various enterprises in the area of paints and varnishes.  The listed company ELCO Looser Holding AG was acquired by Preussag AG in 1995 in a public takeover bid. In 1996, the Looser industrialist family repurchased FLH Holding AG. Today, FLH Holding AG is a division of Looser Holding AG which was formed in 2004.




2016 Merger with Arbonia AG, Arbon (Switzerland) to a leading European building supplier
2016 Acquisition of WMS WC-Mietservice GmbH, Reichenburg (Switzerland) and integration into Condecta AG
2015 Sale of the Single Group to Single Holding GmbH, Germany
2015 Acquisition of the German trading, marketing and sales company Durotherm and integration into the newly founded Single Distribution GmbH, Germany
2014 Sale of Feyco‘s industrial coatings business to Streicolor AG, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
2014 Sale of Feycolor Group to MIPA Group, Essenbach, Germany
2013 100 percent acquisition of Invado Sp. z o.o in Dzielna, Poland, a renowned manufacturer of doors and door frames
2011 Opening of new Single branch offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen
2011 100 percent acquisition of Otto Weibel AG in Urdorf
2011 Sale of Schekolin's architectural coatings business to Mäder Farben AG
2011 100 percent acquisition of Sigrist Platten AG
2010 Acquisiton of minority interests in Treffert Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd.
2010 Foundation of Ilag High Performance Coatings Inc., U.S.A.
2010 Relocation of Condecta (Romandie) SA to new premises in Echallens
2010 Opening of a new exhibition and training complex of the Prüm-Garant Group in Weinsheim/Germany
2009 100 percent acquisition of Mobi-Toil AG
2008 20 percent acquisition of Premiere Finishing & Coating LLC, U.S.A
2008 Decision to shut down the production plant of Feycolor GmbH in Mäder (A) and transfer of production activities to Feycolor GmbH in Regensburg (D)
2008 Listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange, first trading day on 17 June 2008
2008 Formation of Single Temperature Control Inc., Charlotte, U.S.A
2007 Formation of Treffert Coatings US, Inc. as a wholly-owned subsidiary
2007 Buy-out of a 1.35 percent minority interest in Treffert Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
2007 Acquisition of Prüm-Garant Holding GmbH
2006 Formation of ILAG High Performance Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a wholly-owned subsidiary
2006 Listing on the BX Berne eXchange
2006 Complete takeover of Treffert Group (D)
2006 Acquisition of Otto Hagenbuch & Fils S.A., Aclens (CH)
(now Condecta Romandie SA
2005 Acquisition of Single Temperiertechnik GmbH, Hochdorf (D)
2005 Buy-out of 25 percent minority interest in Shanghai Treffert Special Coatings
2004 Formation of Looser Holding AG by way of an in-kind contribution of the shareholdings of the Looser and Stocker-Looser families
2004 Acquisition of Condecta Group, Winterthur, initial investment in the new business division "Industrial Services"
2004 Acquisition of Franken Coatings GmbH (D) and integration into Regensburger Lacke GmbH (D)
2004 Increase of stake in Treffert Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. by 15.24 percent
2004 Acquisition of majority shareholdings in Treffert Group and thus access to the Asian markets
2001 Acquisition of Corsell SA, Geneva and integration into Industrielack AG
2000 Acquisition of Pentol AG, Basle
2000 Acquisition of Regensburger Lacke GmbH (D)
1999 Acquisition of A. Wenger Holding AG / A. Wenger AG
1998 Acquisition of Industrielack AG, Lachen
1996 Repurchase of FLH Group (Schekolin, Feyco, Feycolor, Nobs) from Preussag AG by the second generation of the Looser and Stocker-Looser families
1995 Sale of ELCO Looser Holding AG (incl. FLH Group) to Preussag AG (D)
1993 Canon Europe takes over Walter Rentsch AG
1989 Acquisition of Klöckner AG Wärmetechnik AG (D)
1987 ELCO Looser Holding AG is listed on the Swiss stock exchange
1983 Stock exchange listing of Walter Rentsch AG
1973 Acquisition of Walter Rentsch AG, (Canon distribution in Switzerland)
1968 – 1979 International expansion of ELCO
1958 – 1975 Expansion, new plants in CH, Ravensburg (D), Mulhouse (F)
1940 – 1990 Development and expansion of the FLH Group on the basis of Schekolin AG
1950 – 1969 Expansion of production and distribution activities throughout Switzerland
1935 – 1950 Development and expansion of operations in the area of oil burners for heating systems
1928 Formation of E. Looser & Co., Vilters (SG), Mech. Gerätebau